Masternode stats

Daily income

0.00286752 BTC
15.7712 QBIC

Weekly income

0.02007264 BTC
110.3984 QBIC

Monthly income

0.08602559 BTC
473.136 QBIC

Yearly income

1.04664465 BTC
5756.488 QBIC

QBIC Coin - future of digital cash

  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Anonymous
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ASIC resistant coin

Using neoscrypt hashing algorythm

50% reward for masternode

Great investment opportunity


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Masternodes help keep integrity of the networtk and enable support for Darksend and instant send and futuring the higest ROI for owners

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ASIC resistant

Powerfull Neoscrypt algorythm that ensures superior, efficiant mining that runs using GPU's

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Super fast

The transactions are lighting fast,due to instant send and integration


Mobile wallets & Debit cards
in the nearest future

  • Handy mobile wallet
  • Premium cards

QBIC Coin.

QBIC Coin is innovative digital money project. Our main goal is to make instant, private, payments online or in-store using secure open-source platform that will be hosted by thousands of users around the world.QBIC has a great potential for rapid growth and expansion. QBIC based on PoW(proof of work) and Masternode system that will ensure stable return on investment for the miners and Masternode holders.

  • Super Fast
  • Secure
  • ASIC resistant
  • Anonymous
  • Difficulty Retargeting
  • Masternodes
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Road map

  • QBIC Blockchain Launch
  • Website(Done)
  • Wallets Release (Done)
  • Get listed on Exchanges , and Trakers
  • Btc-Alpha (Done)
  • Stock.Exchange (Done)
  • Crypto-Bridge (Done)
  • SouthXchange (Done)
  • YoBit (Waiting for reply)
  • CoinsMarket (Planned)
  • CoinsExchange (Planned)
  • Cryptopia (Planned)
  • BitTrex (Planned)
  • HitBTC (Planned)
  • Mobile Wallet , Debit Card and Social Media Campaign
  • WebSite Release (Completed)
  • Windows, Mac OS Release (Completed)
  • Linux Wallets Release (Completed)
  • Web Wallet (Under Dev)
  • Android App (Under Dev)
  • IOS App (Under Dev)
  • Payment Gateway (Q2 2018)
  • Marketplace with merchant
  • Debit Card (Q4 2018)

Coin specification

  • Ticker: QBIC
  • Algorithm: Neoscrypt
  • Block Time: 2 min
  • Reward 20 QBIC, decreasing by 10% every year
  • Block Confirms for Mined Blocks:101
  • Reward distribution: 50% Masternodes, 50% Miners
  • Instant send: ~5 seconds
  • Difficulty retargeting Dark Gravity Wave
  • Transaction anonymity: Private send Implementation
  • QBIC, has a 1.5% premine that will be used only and only for airdrops, bounties, exchanges, and future projects.
  • Total supply: 52,500,000
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